Sometimes American citizens who have acquired fame in the United States think that it is appropriate to submit their candidacy into the political arena. If an individual is an actor, a real estate giant or a famous musician, they are willing to change their careers in pursuit of the highest office in the land. Kanye West announced that he is going to run for President in 2020. This has left many people to compare this to the 2016 race. If Donald Trump can use his celebrity status to bolster his candidacy, why not Kanye? What is the difference between the two? Who would make the better President?


Who Is More Presidential?

Throughout the election cycle, people have criticized Donald Trump because his demeanor has not been very presidential. He has behaved in a way that many people would regard as immature, and that a parent would not want his or her child to imitate. He has stood on debate stages and lashed out at his opponents, compared the mild-mannered Ben Carson to a child molester, said that Ted Cruz was a maniac, and even proceeded to smear Cruz’s wife and father. He has not maintained a very calm or mature disposition. On the other hand, Kanye Westadmitted that he was stoned when he announced his presidential nomination. One would have to assume that Kanye is not a serious candidate and will not have a chance of winning anything. But many analysts said the same thing of Donald Trump. It is difficult to assess the maturity and demeanor of these men. But Kanye West is probably more presidential than Donald Trump.


Are They Pandering?

Everybody hates the stereotypical politician. They hate seeing politicians make false promises and lie to them. People will give lip service to the fact that they dislike politicians. But when a lying politician is right in front of them, they cannot identify it. They assume that the politician is being honest with them. Now, Donald Trump has fit all of the necessary criteria for a pandering, lying politician. Until a month before the election, he was a liberal Democrat and his best friend was Hillary Clinton. While it may be the case that he has changed his views, it is more likely that he thought he would fare better if he were to run as a GOP candidate. On the other hand, Kanye is pretty candid about his beliefs and what he thinks. That is not to say that he should be trusted. But one would be much more inclined to trust him before trusting Donald Trump.



If an individual were to send their resume to a hospital to become a surgeon, the hospital would want to know of their experience. Where did they go to school? Where was their residency? If a man walks into a hospital, having never went to medical school or having ever applied a bandaid to a scraped knee, they would not be hired as a doctor. But with that being the case, why can Donald Trump be elected as the presidential nominee with no foreign policy experience or knowledge? While the same could be said of Kanye West, if Kanye exhibits intellectual curiosity about important issues, he will be more qualified than Donald Trump.

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