Where there is fame, there is no shortage of access to drugs. The pitfalls often find celebrities before they realize what they have done. Hundreds have been arrested on drug charges, though some quieter than others.


Notorious B.I.G.

Upon B.I.G’s death in 1997, he had yet to resolve drug charges that he had acquired the years leading up to that day. In 1991, B.I.G. was busted for dealing cocaine and spent nine months in jail awaiting bail. Again, in 1996, the rapper was arrested for possession but this time, it was marijuana and weapons charges. Soon after, the third strike came when B.I.G. was caught smoking weed in his vehicle. B.I.G. never saw a courtroom to finalize and face any substance charges against him.


David Bowie

Recently, the world mourned David Bowie’s passing. One of the reasons he was an icon was because of his rebellious nature. This behavior included drugs and plenty of them. In 1976, Bowie was arrested for possession of a half a pound of marijuana and sentenced to fifteen years in prison – – the charges later were dropped, and it was rumored Bowie enjoyed his ‘stardust’ quietly during the years after.


Paul McCartney

Long after the years of peace and love and the Beatles, Paul McCartney was busted in Japan with nearly eight ounces of pot. These charges were not his first run-in with drug possession, but he managed to avoid jail time. Within ten days, McCartney was released and deported and told never to return to Japan – – which must have been forgotten about because he toured there a decade later.


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson’s arrest comes as little surprise since his habits are made public. What is surprising is how many years he avoided arrest. Nelson was not caught holding illegally until 2006. He was found to have a pound weed and a baggie of mushrooms in his possession. A leader in legalization legislature plead guilty, paid a fine and served six months probation. – – He makes little secret that his habits have not changed.


Bruno Mars

Some drug busts are kept quieter than others, however, in 2010, Bruno Mars was finding more than fame in music. He was caught with cocaine and found himself facing felony drug charges – – these charges were later dismissed. Bruno Mars seemingly is keeping his nose clean, now.


Dianne Warwick

Whitney Houston’s aunt was always the ‘moral’ face of the family. She primarily was a gospel singer who often made her worry for the Houston family a public concern. But Warwick found herself under scrutiny at the age of 61 when she found herself caught with eleven marijuana cigarettes at Miami International Airport in 2002. She retained that it was a mistake, and the family claimed the drugs were planted on her.


Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey’s arrest was a little louder than most. Mostly because the police were called to his home in 1998 for his playing of a set of bongos so loudly that it was disturbing his neighbors. The police went on to arrest McConaughey for a small amount of marijuana and resisting arrest – – the charges later were dropped. He did pay a small penalty for a noise violation.

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